Hounds were kept at Croome from 1600 to 1719 and again from 1738 till 1843,
when they were given up during the minority of the 9th Earl of Coventry.

Lord Coventry PC (9th Earl) founded the hunt (known by his name till 1882) in the year of 1874.
It has existed in its present form since he took over the country.

In 1899 the Hon HT Coventry and GD Smith purchased the hounds from Mr Wrangham.
The pack was purchased by successive Masters and was their private property until 1926,
when the country subscribed a sufficient sum of money to acquire a new pack.

The West Warwickshire Farmers Hunt joined with the Croome Hunt to hunt the Croome country
and the country loaned from the Warwickshire and the North Warwickshire in season 1973-74.

The country which lies in Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire, is about 20 miles square.

Best vale country centres on Peopleton. There are several very sporting estates in the country
including Ragley, Madresfield, Spetchley, Croome, Severnend and Overbury.
The country spans both sides of the river Severn with wooded country to the west of the river.